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Barbour County's Most Important Election since World War II

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1st Issue
of the FarmGolf Celebrity Newsletter
Mel Gibson's
Drink Driving/Drunk Driving Tips Click  Here

Is On A  Terminal Hiatus!
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he Paris Report
Debut Issue - Jan. 17, 2005
2nd Issue - March 30, 2005
3rd Issue - June 13, 2005
4th Issue - Nov. 8, 2005

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Robert C. Byrd Urinal
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A Cool Site - FarmGolf Back in Time (from 2002 to 2007) Here

Alternative FarmGolf Course using 5 clubs in South Carolina



Course Designs from 2 to 6 Holes with
Central Irrigation Systems and Clubhouse Plans

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Miss Those
Spinning Golf Balls?
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Attended by over 4,000 people on May 25, 2003

See the details in the May 28, 2003 Newsletter Click Here

The Clubhouse Dancers
  They've Been Practicing 24 Hours a Day
    Put on Britney's "Crazy" or "What U See Is What U Get" & CLICK HERE

Hear the Britney FarmGolf Interview - An Intimate Discussion as Britney Talks about Her Relationships with the FarmGolfers, What She Really Likes, Her Sexuality and Her Future
Mono Version 2.7 MB mp3 - 5:40 Interview for 56k Connections   Click for Mono
Stereo Version 8.1 MB mp3 - 5:40 Interview for Fast Connections  Click for Stereo


Eric Cutright Photography
Wedding Pics
114 More Pictures from April 6th and 7th

Guest Photographer FarmGolf Wedding Pictures
New Photos Added May 21st

Exclusive Pictures from the 4th FarmGolf Celebrity Challenge
Summarized in the Upcoming, Long Delayed
April 30th Newsletter

Surviving Multiple FarmGolf Masters Winners Reunite - (Not Pictured - Miles Runner)
A Comparison of Multiple PGA and FarmGolf Champions

All of the 2012 FarmGolf Activities are Summarized in the
December 31, 2012 FarmGolf Newsletter

Missing 2012 WVU Tailgate Pics Have Been Found!

WDTV Returns - Brocato vs. Bodkins, Video When Joe Mails It

A Year-End FarmGolf Newsletter Detailing the Events of 2010!

Read about the 3rd FarmGolf Course being constructed in Bermuda, the Olympic hopeful FarmGolf Swim Team, 2010 tournament results, WVU Football Tailgate Pictures, Final 2010 Rankings, Super Bowl party with the debut of new FarmGolf Attire and many other news items in the December 31, 2010 Newsletter

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US FarmGolf Open

FarmGolf British Open FarmGolf PGA

Stat:  Career Majors

TOP 20
 as of December 31, 2013
 No.     Name                        Pts
1   Bill Bowers 102.1
2   Larry Smith 86.5
3   Randy Wilson 63.0
4   Mike Green 62.6
5   Neil Creed 62.1
6   Tom Schiefelbein 54.5
7   Curtis Bodkins 54.4
8   Josh Halfin 53.9
9   Evan Heatherly 52.8
10   Gary Shaffer 40.1
11   Brian Smith 36.9
12   Dave Moore 34.7
13   Rob Mitchell 31.1
14   Stan Fitzwater 28.1
15   Mike Wise 26.6
16   Grayson Smith 26.1
17   Dustin Jones 23.9
18   Raymond Tackett 23.4
19   William Schiefelbein 22.5
20   Chad Smith 22.1

Complete FarmGolfer Rankings
from 1 to 43

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Britney Gas Video
Britney & Bush Video
Hole No. 1
Hole No. 2
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Hole No. 5
Hole No. 6
Howard Dean
  Howie & Hillary - Hide the Salami
Recorded in NYC on 10/26/05
2.3 MB mp3, 160 kbps, Time of 2:02
Click to Download
 "Right Click, Save Target As"

Read the Fox News FarmGolf Interview with the Commissioner & Club Pro Click Here


Click Here for all of the FarmGolf Music Releases

Click for The Original Clubhouse Dedication Newsletter
Clubhouse Officially Dedicated on January 22, 2002 Read About It in the
January 28th Newsletter


FarmGolf's First Movie
"Barbour County Burglar"

is reviewed by Gene Shalit, starring newcomer
Mikey Kershaw
and oldcomer
Perez Hilton

... with other Celebrity Comments

A Look Back at FarmGolf's
Earth Day 2008

The FarmGolf POET is BACK!!

December 31st Newsletter Is Now Out, Detailing the Last 3 Tournaments, New Web Pages, Upcoming National Advertisements, 2008 FarmGolf Banquet and much more.  Click Here

Earth's Most Exclusive Club
Population:  6 out of 6.8 Billion
 Hole-In-One Club
It's 8 Times Easier to Become President of the United States

A FarmGolf Special Report
Tiger Woods
 Rents Out FarmGolf

Tiger Protests Begin adjacent to Clubhouse

The September 8th Newsletter - Coverage of the FarmGolf PGA Tournament, Bi-annual Meeting Report with New Members of Board of Directors, FarmGolf Intern Hired, Nine Irony Poem, The Demise of the Las Vegas Course, 2007 WVU Tailgate Update, Final Plans of the 2nd European Marketing Trip, Fed-ex Cup Details, and Lawsuit Update  Click Here

FarmGolf's Most Popular Page Recent Pics Receives a Long Overdue Update, Click Here

August 5th Newsletter is here ..... covering the recent US FarmGolf Open and British FarmGolf Open, Upcoming Bi-annual FarmGolf Meeting, Celebrity Guest Lawsuit, PGA Preview and more.

Also, a Summary of the recent September 16th Fed-ex Cup in the
upcoming December 23rd Newsletter.  Also, Reports on the Recent FarmGolf Intern, the Unheralded Shift Workers of FarmGolf, A
FarmGolf 2007 WVU Football Tailgate Summary & 2007 European Marketing Campaign, Plus World Rankings Changes.

New High-Quality Photos by Eric McGuire are Now Available on the
FarmGolf Aerial Photography Page - SEE THEM HERE

3rd Celebrity Golf Challenge Report, US FarmGolf Open Results, Music Library Upgrade Approved by RIAA, Spring 2007 Special Event Planned, British FarmGolf Open Details All in the July 20th Newsletter

Debra Lafave Arrives at the Clubhouse

    Bush Defeats Kerry in the 2nd Annual FarmGolf Celebrity Challenge Read about it in the August 24th Newsletter
Also, 2004 FarmGolf PGA Summary, D&E Athletic Department Rents the Course, Britney Spears Terminated and Howard Dean Visits the Clubhouse

Howard Dean's Crazy Train  Recorded in Des Moines, Iowa
3.4 MB mp3, 160 kbps, Time of 2:54  Click to Download "Right Click, Save Target As"
Over 800 Units Shipped on Day 1, 1,300 Day 2, 2,800 Day 3
Howard Dean's Crazy Train Now Certified 26X-Platinum
Official Lyrics to Howard Dean's Crazy Train

Village Voice NYC Newspaper, Howard Dean, Internet Rock Star
CNN NH Primary Recap Crazy Train Reference 
Financial Times London Paper with FarmGolf.com Reference (Original Page Saved in html)
Aftonbladet Stockholm, Sweden's Largest Newspaper, Practice Your Swedish
Additional Comments on Howard Dean's Crazy Train
Left  - Ozzy Cools Howard Off at the End of Their "Crazy Train" Duet 
  - Howard Dean Accepts "Crazy Train" Gold Record from Commissioner Mike Green
Click on pictures to enlarge

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