Earth’s Most Exclusive Club – Population 7*          *as of 12/31/2016

FarmGolf became the world’s fastest growing sport in 2004.  In less than four years from it’s humble beginnings, it took the nation by storm.  A lesser known fact about FarmGolf, until now sports fans, was the makeup of the most exclusive club on this planet we call Earth.

Yes, we’re talking about FarmGolf’s Hole-In-One Club.  On the summer afternoon of June 22, 2002, as a singles competition between the Commissioner and Club Pro was about to begin at Hole No. 5, one could sense a special day was about to happen.

And it was to be, that with one perfect swing of the club, David Smith became the second member of Earth’s Most Exclusive Club.

The afternoon match was not to be, as a celebration began in the Clubhouse.

Mike and Tiffani Green relax at FarmGolf.
David Smith practices at Hole No. 5.

The first Hole-In-One was by Mike Green, the Commissioner of FarmGolf in a singles match against the third member of Earth’s Most Exclusive Club, Neil Creed.  On the afternoon of October 8, 2001, at Hole No. 5, the Commish pitched a wedge shot that landed just short of the green. With one short hop and a smooth roll, the ball disappeared into the center of the cup. The crowd roared their approval and the soon to be “most exclusive club” was born.

And, in a fitting tribute to the power of FarmGolf, many women descended into the nestled hills near Philippi, West Virginia to worship those men, who play this manly game.

And finally, there was one deemed worthy to become the Deputy Commissioner of FarmGolf.

The first FarmGolfer to record two Hole-In-Ones was Curtis Bodkins. Early FarmGolf spectators believed him to be the greatest of all FarmGolfers. Only time will tell if anyone can repeat his feats at Hole No. 5. On August 20, 2006 and June 18, 2008, history was made with one short swing for mankind.

Curtis Bodkins, the first FarmGolf to score 2 Hole-In-Ones.

The second FarmGolfer to conquer Hole No. 3, Rob Mitchell hit a lofty wedge shot to the left of the green.  Playing the hill perfectly, the ball continued with a solid roll into the center of the cup.

At the final FarmGolf Major of 2008, the FarmGolf PGA, Rob is the most recent inductee into Earth’s Most Exclusive Club.  Two years later, at the 2010 FarmGolf PGA, Rob duplicated the feat on Hole No. 3, joining Curtis Bodkins as a two-time member in the extremely elusive, now 7-member club.

Rob Mitchell with a practice swing.

April 10, 2005, a chilly day for most at FarmGolf, but not the tough, tenacious Neil “Doc” Creed.

Doc Creed on the course at a balmy 50 degrees.

The third and final round of play saw Creed just getting warmed up.

On No. 3 Hole, Creed ripped the 9-iron with his patented backspin just past the flag, and watched his ball spin backward into the cup. Retired FarmGolfer, Scott Sublett, stood completely in awe nearby.

At the 2009 US FarmGolf Open, Travis Poling scored a Hole-In-One on No. 1 Hole to become the sixth member of Earth’s Most Exclusive Club.

At the 2011 British FarmGolf Open, Chris Bowers also scored a Hole-In-One on No. 1 Hole to become the seventh, and final member of the club.

Perhaps the 2017 season of FarmGolf will add a new member to this world renowned group. Surely, the future will bring additional great moments further enhancing FarmGolf’s reputation as the world’s fastest growing sport.