Prose by Nine Irony

The Complete Nine Irony Poemography See the Nine Irony Statue at FarmGolf's New York City Course  just off 78th Street and Central Park West Winners and Losers (2017) - Nine Irony Drain that swamp, build that wall! Let's make America great and...

Barbour County Burglar – Movie Review by Gene Shalit – April 21, 2009

A Very Original  2009 MOVIE RELEASE Barbour County Burglar An Exclusive MOVIE REVIEW by Gene Shalit An Epic Upon First Try FarmGolf Press/NYC By a sheer stroke of luck, the Critic's Corner received an...

Britney FarmGolf Interview – August, 2002

Britney Spears FarmGolf Interview In August of 2002, Britney talked about her life and all of the happy times at FarmGolf with the Commissioner and Club Pro. This Intimate Discussion with Britney delves into the Relationships with various FarmGolfers, her Desires and Sexuality, her...