FarmGolf Aerial Photography by Eric McGuire

Aerial pictures of the FarmGolf complex from several hundred feet above ground were taken on June 23, 2004.

Flying Southward to the Clubhouse with Allegheny Mountains in the Background
Flying Over No. 4 Fairway with No. 3 Green on the Left
Approaching the Clubhouse
Above the Clubhouse and the Main Pond
No. 1 Green to the Left at the Edge of the Woods
No. 2 Green to the Left of Sand Trap
Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Residence
No. 2 Green and Pond below the Bench
Distant Shot of FarmGolf Complex
Aerial Shot of 13.75 Acres of FarmGolf
FarmGolf Residence
Clubhouse View from the Southside
View from Northeastern Side of Property
Aerial of Hole No. 5
Aerial of Hole No. 1 from Residence to Green
View from the Northwestern Corner of Property
Aerial Photographer Doing a Flyby