Since 2001, FarmGolf has been a hub for famous people getting together to attend the uniquely scheduled events that have become a 21st Century Tradition at our golfing facility. Enjoy a step back in time at the home of the World’s Fastest Growing Sport, and see the wonderful world of FarmGolf.

Senator Byrd Testing the Robert C. Byrd Urinal
FarmGolfers Playing Squeezum
View of Hole No. 1 From The Exclusive FarmGolf Sky-box
Howard Dean and Ozzy Finishing “Crazy Train” Remix
2004 FarmGolf Celebrity Challenge – Bush vs. Kerry
Kerry Gets Haircut at 2004 FarmGolf Celebrity Challenge
Teresa Kerry Passes Out at 2004 Celebrity Challenge
John Kerry Arrives at FarmGolf for Celebrity Challenge
FarmGolfers Play at Augusta in April, 2006
FarmGolfers Take a Break at Augusta in April, 2006
Protesters Demonstrate Against Tiger Renting Clubhouse in 2009
Tiger Rents Out the FarmGolf Clubhouse to Avoid Media
Sergio Stops By with Tiger and Brings Fried Chicken
Protesters at FarmGolf Masters
The Barbour County Burglar on the Road from Maryland
FarmGolfers at 2006 Ryder Cup in Ireland
Phil Mickelson and Tiffani at Ryder Cup
Debra Lafave Arrives for 3rd FarmGolf Celebrity Challenge
President Bush Announcing Government Grant to FarmGolf in 2002
Club Pro Tees Off
Commissioner Wedge Juggling
New York City Groundbreaking
FarmGolf at Central Park, NYC Course – Hole 1
FarmGolf at Central Park, NYC Course – Hole 6
Paris Hilton Hired to Write a Column in 2005
Paris Hilton doing Course Maintenance Work


FarmGolf Lager Debuts at Masters in April, 2005
Howard Dean Accepts Gold Record for “Crazy Train”
FarmGolfers in Times Square
Britney’s 21st Birthday Party
Britney on her 1st Trip to the FarmGolf Building
FarmGolf Campers Sunbathing on Clubhouse Roof
2008 Movie “Barbour County Burglar” Stars
Britney Spears Arrives at Clubhouse Dedication Ceremony
Celebrities at Clubhouse Dedication Ceremony
2001 Clubhouse Dedication Ceremony
Commissioner and Club Pro at 2001 Clubhouse Dedication Ceremony
FarmGolfers with Anna Kournikova, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair
2001 Clubhouse Dedication Ceremony
2003 FarmGolf Banquet Attendees
Barkley and Jordan at No. 1 Green Watch Clinton’s Pre-Putt Exercise
Bush and Barkley at No. 4 Green after Missed Putt
Former Employee Joseph Snowblowit at Work
Bushes play FarmGolf on 2001 Columbus Day Weekend
Blackhawk Circles Course During 3-man Scramble Event in 2001
President Bush Landing adjacent FarmGolf Clubhouse
2002 FarmGolf Masters Singles Play Heatherly Sinks Winning Putt
2002 FarmGolf Masters Doubles Play Bowers Chips It In the Cup
2002 Ladies Tournament 1st Place Winners – Smith, Wright & Miller
2002 Ladies Tournament 2nd Place Finishers – The Hannahs