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FarmGolf Newsletter – Volume 17, Issue 2 – March 13, 2017

NEWSLETTER FarmGolf Meets with President Trump and Vice-President Pence ... President Trump Visits FarmGolf ... Hillary Challenges Trump to 6-Hole Match ... Celebrity Hillary Supporters Banned from Match ... 2017 Masters Course Preparations Planned ... New 2017 FarmGolf Rankings to be...

FarmGolf Newsletter – Volume 17, Issue 1 – January 23, 2017

NEWSLETTER 4 Years and 1 Month Later, the FarmGolf Newsletter Block by Obama Administration Rescinded by President Trump ... 2013 - 2016 Tournament Results ... Clubhouse Beer Cooler Upgraded to 4 Taps ... Tournament and Tailgate Pictures  The Obama Ordeal Is...

FarmGolf in Confab with Political Pundits

FarmGolf Commissioner attends the BILL O'REILLY & DENNIS MILLER - Bolder and fresher than ever before... tour at the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh on March 15, 2014.   Bill O'Reilly (right), godfather of "no spin" and in-your-face television, and Dennis...

FarmGolf Newsletter – Volume 13, Issue 1 – May 28, 2008

The FARMGOLF NEWSLETTER 2008 FarmGolf Masters Results, The Democrats Come to FarmGolf, New Nine Irony Poems, Gucci 1991-2008, Upcoming WDTV Story on FarmGolf, US FarmGolf Open Set for Sunday, June 15th Founded in the Year 2000 - The Whole Truth and...

FarmGolf Newsletter – Volume 8, Issue 2 – August 24, 2004

The FARMGOLF NEWSLETTER Bush Defeats Kerry in 2nd Annual FarmGolf Celebrity Challenge, FarmGolf Rents Out Course to D&E Athletic Department, Smith, McCracken and Schola Win FarmGolf PGA, Britney Spears Terminated as Director of Advertising, Howard Dean Accepts Gold Record at Clubhouse Founded in the Year 2000...

FarmGolf Newsletter – Volume 3, Issue 7 – February 19, 2002

The FARMGOLF NEWSLETTER Bush-Barkley Stomp Clinton-Jordan in FarmGolf Landslide, Smith-Green Win Again, Doc Creed "FarmGolf's Iron Man" Consecutive Match Streak Broken, Bowers Ties 6-Hole Record and Sets 18-Hole Record Founded in the Year 2000 - The Whole Truth and Nothing But the...

FarmGolf Newsletter – Volume 3, Issue 3 – October 24, 2001

The FARMGOLF NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 7th 3-MAN SCRAMBLE HELD WITH UNPRECEDENTED SECURITY   3-Man Scramble on Columbus Day Weekend Results (FGP)  The No. 1 rated team of D. Smith, M. Green and D. Miller were victorious over B. Smith, N. Creed and L....