3-Man Scramble on Columbus Day Weekend Results

(FGP)  The No. 1 rated team of D. Smith, M. Green and D. Miller were victorious over B. Smith, N. Creed and L. Phillips in the first 3-man scramble held after recent terrorist attacks.  A celebrity team also participated in the event, which consisted of G.H.W. Bush, G. W. Bush and J. Bush.  Their team placed third.  The “Sudden Death” Playoff Victory came on the 3rd hole when a birdie putt was sunk by D. Miller on Hole No. 3 after a clutch tee shot by D. Smith had been placed approximately four feet from the pin.


Report on Terrorist Threats to Farm Golf Were Made Public by G. W. Bush on October 7th

(FGP) The president stated in an informal meeting in the Clubhouse after golfing had been completed that the Central Intelligence Agency is finalizing a report on the threats made on September 11th to the FarmGolf Complex. This report will be posted on the FarmGolf Website as soon as it becomes available.

Blackhawk Circles Course During 3-man Scramble Event in 2001
Although only placing third, the Bushes were good-natured about their finish and said that “Farm Golf is America’s best kept secret.”


Webpage to Undergo Extensive Upgrade to Satisfy Worldwide Demand

(FGP) The Webmaster of FarmGolf, Bill Smith, has scaled back his regular job duties at MeadeTech to keep up with the unbelievable growth of FarmGolf.  The number of inquires from people throughout the world wanting to get in “on the ground floor” of this new industry has consumed nearly 12 hours per day of his time.  In response to numerous questions regarding the possible public offering of stock, it is the current policy of the Board of Directors to maintain a totally private mode of operation for the foreseeable future.


Winter Golf Begins December 21st