Britney Open Results, Benefit CD To Be Released 

Results for Singles and Doubles

(FGP)  The No. 1 rated 2-man team of D. Smith and M. Green were again victorious over B. Smith and N. Creed by three strokes in doubles play.

An identical margin of victory occurred in the singles final with M. Green over N. Creed.


Benefit CD To Be Released

(FGP)  The “FarmGolf Girls(see group picture taken at the FarmGolf Bar below) have collaborated on a CD entitled Clubhouse Dance Music, which allows the fans of Farm Golf to dance at home to the same music that has made women dancing on top of the bar quite famous.  Proceeds from the sale of this CD will allow for the construction of sand traps in 2002.  This CD will be released on December 4th to maximize Christmas sales and is priced at $10.00.


Barworkers Strike Ends

(FGP) Union chief representative Josh Halfin ended the months long bar-workers strike when the FarmGolf Board of Directors voted to approve unlimited beer consumption during bar construction working hours.  The bar is now 95% complete.


Fairways Upgraded  and Pond Fish Habitat Areas Constructed

(FGP)  Miller & Smith Rock Picking, Inc. submitted the low bid for removal of rocks from two of the six Farm Golf fairways.  Rock removal work, on Holes No. 1 and No. 5, was completed in early November.  Plans are pending for the filling of low spots and the seeding of landing areas for Holes 1, 4, 5 and 6.   Also, portions of the removed rocks were placed into the main pond area to provide for fish habitat.


Only 4 Weeks Until Winter Golf