Large Turnout at FarmGolf Banquet
Many Awards Given

(FGP) The first annual FarmGolf Banquet had a very large turnout on the evening of December 28, 2001. The banquet was held at a secure location near to the FarmGolf course because of recent terrorist threats. President George W. Bush, an avid FarmGolfer, could not attend, but sent one of his daughters as a formal representative. The younger Bush showed up a couple of hours early for the social hour.

The menu included Caesar salad, French onion soup, leg of lamb with mint jelly, garlic mashed potatoes, and for dessert, a vanilla ice cream rolled in toasted coconut and covered in a chocolate, caramel sauce.

Receiving awards at the banquet were the following people:

Lynn Phillips – Best Dramatic Brushhogger
David Miller – Best Supporting Fertilizer Supplier
Brian Smith – Most Dependable FarmGolfer
Britney Spears – Best Live Concert Performance at a FarmGolf Facility
Mike Green – Best FarmGolf Clubhouse Design

Upon completion of ceremonies, several of the guests returned to the Clubhouse for some late night entertainment.

FarmGolf Music Has Record December Sales

(FGP)  The latest release, Osama’s Last Christmas, achieved platinum status prior to Christmas with sales of 10 milli-thousand units. Proceeds from these sales will allow for the upgrading of the course this coming year.


New Employee Hired

(FGP) The Board of Directors recently voted to hire an employee for Winter Golf.  Duties will include snow removal from greens and fairways.   The new employee, Joseph Snowblowit, was previously employed by the City of Buffalo, New York.