Clubhouse Officially Dedicated Prior to the
Commencement of the FarmGolf
Worldwide Marketing Campaign

Exclusive Pictures from Clubhouse Dedication Ceremony
of January 22, 2002

(FGP)  The FarmGolf Clubhouse, while continually in use during the construction phase, was officially dedicated this past Tuesday with a large contingent of well-wishers attending.  Festivities began at 1PM EST (6PM GMT) with the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain attending.  Britney Spears was also an early arrival on this chilly afternoon.

Early Clubhouse guests inspected the bar area and the restroom facility during the afternoon hours, while the Commissioner and the Club Pro entertained Natalie Portman and Britney Spears, who made quite a FarmGolf fashion statement by wearing three different outfits as the ceremony continued into the evening hours.

Joke telling was rampant as world and local leaders get a chuckle from a joke told by Anna Kournikova, while FarmGolf Beverage Consultant, John Mosesso, looks on.

John Johnston, Vice-President of Asian Marketing, relaxes behind the bar, explaining to guests that Phase 2 of the FarmGolf Marketing Plan will include Asia and Australia.

Larry, a Pennsylvania executive who wishes to be identified only on a first name basis, discusses his plan for the second FarmGolf Course with attendees, while David Miller, FarmGolf Greens Designer and Course Construction Consultant imbibes himself.  Evan Heatherly discusses available natural resources with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Aniston.  In the meantime, David Turner and Bill Smith discuss more interesting options with their female counterparts.

FarmGolf Marketing to Kick Start This Week

(FGP)  The laid back atmosphere of FarmGolf will change forever as the worldwide marketing campaign begins.  Initially, the proposal will be made to just over 1,000 potential participants through a mass emailing.  The list of initial contacts was limited to people who were either friends of FarmGolfers, a recent email contact of a FarmGolfer, or worldwide golf and humor aficionados.  While on Friday, February 1, 2002, a contract marketer will get the message out to a much larger number of individuals.

Vandals Do “Donuts” on No. 4 Fairway

(FGP) An investigation is underway as to the culprit or culprits, who drove a vehicle off the Clubhouse roadway into the No. 4 Fairway.  Damages were minor and quickly repaired by the ground crew.  However, FarmGolf  will file formal charges at the appropriate time to see that future incidents are avoided.

1,000 Hit to Website Winner Announced

(FGP) Linda from Colorado states “I recently stumbled upon your site, I love it and I totally devour it, completely”  Linda won the contest featuring a grand prize of four (4) pitchers of beer and a free round of FarmGolf.  She stated that she wanted to wait until warmer weather to play a round, due to her throat getting sore during cold weather.