1. Only irons and putters are allowed in FarmGolf.  Each player may use either 3 irons or 2 irons and a putter.  A mulligan is allowed on the first hole each day, only in singles play.  There is a 2-stroke penalty for hitting the Farm Golf Building or the Commissioner’s residence.
  2. If the ball lands on a rock drainage structure (e.g. french drain, riprap channel or rock spillway) or adjacent to a sprinkler, the ball shall be moved no more than a club length, while closely maintaining the original distance to the hole.
  3. Landing in the Main Pond or any other water structure is the loss of stroke, with the new ball placed on the far side of the pond.
  4. When landing in the rough, the ball may be moved within a 6-inch radius of the original spot, but at a point no closer to the cup being played.
  5. Cup sizes are regulation Farm Golf size, with a diameter of just over 6-inches.
  6. If your shot is in line with the unprotected windows of the Commissioner’s residence or the Farm Golf Building, you may make a major relocation of the ball to a point of equal distance from the cup.  The location picked should be at a point where only a complete idiot could end up breaking a window in either structure.
  7. There will be a penalty for leaving a cigarette butt or empty cup on the main course area.  DNA testing may be necessary before final scores are recorded.
  8. If one of the three (3) FarmGolf clubs are broken during a 6-hole round, the golfer will play with the remaining two clubs until the beginning of the next 6-hole round.  No sharing of clubs will occur before the current round is completed.
  9. During two-man and three-man team play, all teams will be allowed 4-hours to complete 18 holes, with allowances only made for rain delays, with all rounds completed by 6:00PM Eastern time during major tournaments.