A Very Original  2009 FarmGolf.com MOVIE RELEASE

Barbour County Burglar

An Exclusive MOVIE REVIEW by Gene Shalit

An Epic Upon First Try

FarmGolf Press/NYC
By a sheer stroke of luck, the Critic’s Corner received an invitation to be present at the world premiere of FarmGolf’s first venture into the motion picture industry.

Barbour County Burglar
is a story of revenge and lust, with a series of complex relationships, and a unique deep-probing city-like storyline set in rural West Virginia.

Premiering to a limited audience at the FarmGolf Clubhouse on March 28, 2009,

Barbour County Burglar
is set to open this summer, after a subsequent premiere at the Dundalk Community Theater in Maryland over Memorial Day Weekend.

The story centers upon a former FarmGolf employee, Paris Hilton, wanting to retrieve some very explicit photos which were taken several years ago.  Perez Hilton, friend and Internet Gossip Columnist, hires a novice and bumbling burglar named Mikey Kershaw to break into FarmGolf and get the digital files.

One hilarious scene after another follows our wannabe hero.  After a failure to recover the booty, Mikey realizes upon reporting back to Perez that for some unknown reason, he is attracted to guy he affectionately calls “the flaming pink-haired faggot”.

But, in actuality, the pink-haired sexual predator is really looking for some young boys to clone and create a master race. 

Breaking away from the movie’s storyline, you can rest assured that our boy Mikey gets things straightened out in the end, while Perez also gets to the bottom of things. 

In the final climactic scene, a little bit of FarmGolf justice is doled out by the shotgun wielding golfers, which ultimately goes a long way toward getting the two weirdoes back to the city where they belong.

But, this feature is no way comparable to Brokeback Mountain, and is one helluva funny-ass movie.



The most unusual ending will leave little doubt as to the ingenuity of FarmGolf.  Expect to see more from these guys in the future.

Gene Shalit

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  Barbour County Burglar

Carrie from California – “Perez is such a fag!”
Carrie from West Virginia via Maryland – “A homo-riffic performance, kinda like he wasn’t acting”
Neil from GLAAD – “It got my juices flowing”
Keith from MSNBC – “It made my legs restless”
Rosie from NY – “I can’t wait for the bitches sequel”
Barney from D.C. – “I’d blow them both

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