FarmGolf WVU Tailgate Pics – 2010

Longest Commuters Group
The Captain and Tenniff
Home Opener in the Blue Lot
Doc Creed Leads the First Down Cheer
A Great Day for “Stew Ball”
Know the Password and Get Free Beer
The “Bermuda Look” Comes to the Blue Lot
Leopard Beer is Here
Darris Nichols Doesn’t Drink Beer Very Often …. But, when he does, he drinks Bud Light
Rob and Codi
Fat YMCA Guy
Timmy, the Non-Virgin

 Stew Ball causes a Steelers game break

Mazzulla, Pepper, Curry and Tiffani
Heinz Field

Back to Morgantown

The Airplane Flies Over Mountaineer Field
Vegas comes to town
The Band Playing “Goodbye Stew”
Waiting for “The Man”
Richmond Tailgaters
Payment for FarmGolf Tailgate Location Flag
Stuff My Face to Shoot My Gun
Weird Dude Weekend at Mountaineer Field
Nice Angle
One Last Sunny Day for Stew
The Fist
FarmGolf Royalty
“Nigerian Exhaust Systems” of Morgantown
Oh …. My … God
The Queen Gets Lucky
Tiffani Meets With Former Virgins
Last Call for Stew Ball