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FarmGolf Expands to Bermuda
2010 Tournament Results for All 4 Majors
FarmGolf Sponsors a Swim Team
Another Tailgating Season for FarmGolf at WVU Football
Final 2010 FarmGolf Power Rankings Released

FarmGolf Gets A Third Course

(FGP) After months of negotiating with the Bermuda government, FarmGolf purchased land in April, 2010 for a third course to compliment the existing courses of the world’s fastest growing sport.near Philippi, WV and the New York City Central Park course.

Located on the southern shore of Bermuda adjacent the Atlantic Ocean, this vacant lot is perfect for a course built to FarmGolf’s lenient standards.

Presently, two of the three holes have been completed, as seen in the below photos. The course is scheduled to open in April, 2011. As no drivers will be allowed on the course, there should be no problem with golfers driving on the wrong side of the course.

Shown below are Hole No. 1 and Hole No. 3. Hole No. 1 has the most bunkers in FarmGolf history.

2010 Tournament Results

1st Major ­- FarmGolf Masters

(FGP) It was a somber day for the initial tournament of the 2010 FarmGolf season, with the recent deaths of Club Czar David Smith and Weather Prognosticator Miles Runner. Smith, the Club Pro for many years, had been appointed to the position of FarmGolf Czar in August, 2009.

Four teams played in the 9th Masters, with each team posting a ­3 round for the first six holes.

After the second round, the team of Larry Smith, Mike Green and Mike Wise trailed Curtis Bodkins, Josh Halfin and Tom Schiefelbein by one stroke. The tournament came down to the final three holes as Smith, Green and Wise had an eagle and birdie to win by one stroke. The win increased Larry’s career majors to eleven, which leads all other FarmGolfers by three.

FarmGolf Masters Scoreboard

Masters Photos

Last year’s photos of those no longer with us.

2nd Major – US FarmGolf Open

(FGP)  Three teams played in the second major of 2010, with steady play from each team with no rounds worse than a -1 or better than a -3 score.

The winning team of Stan Fitzwater, Brian Smith and Tom Schiefelbein carded a final score of -8 to win by a stroke over Halfin, Green, Shaffer and Moore.

Heather Halfin and Tiffani Green won the women’s tournament, finishing 10 strokes ahead.


2010 US FarmGolf Open Scoreboard

US FarmGolf Open Gallery


3rd Major – British FarmGolf Open

(FGP) The return of Evan Heatherly to FarmGolf was most timely, as he won the tournament along with his teammates, Stan Fitzwater and Neil Creed.

Creed was so ecstatic about the win that he stripped down and dove into the FarmGolf pond.

In the biggest FarmGolf comeback ever, the team of Brian Smith, Chad Smith and Alan Ball almost won by rallying with a -6 under on the final round. However, their overall score was only good for second place.

British FarmGolf Open Scoreboard

British FarmGolf Open Photos

FarmGolf Sponsors a Swim Team

(FGP)  In another expansion of the FarmGolf business model, and under the direction of Doc Creed, FarmGolf is pleased to announce the first worldwide sponsored swim team.  Creed will serve as captain of the team in their travels throughout 2011.  Currently, they are scheduled to compete in three (3) swim meets, the first one being in northeastern Brazil in the Amazon River, a summer meet in the Black Sea and a fall European meet swimming the English Channel.

To help promote the team, FarmGolf has designed a “swim team logo” in the hopes that the team will be able to perform in the next summer Olympics.  The captain and and all members of the FarmGolf Swim Team are pictured above at their home training facility.



4th Major – FarmGolf PGA

(FGP)  The final tournament of 2010 was postponed until Labor Day Weekend.  This was the first tournament ever postponed in FarmGolf history.

The highlight of the day was Rob Mitchell becoming “Mr. Hole-in-One No. 2”, as he became the second FarmGolfer to have two (2) career aces in FarmGolf play.  He and Curtis Bodkins are now tied at 2.  Also, there are six members in Earth’s Most Exclusive Club.

The greens were in a major meltdown mode, as no course maintenance had occurred during August, 2010 due to the FarmGolf promotional tour of Europe.  Marketing was done in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.  The benefits of this tour will ultimately make the green troubles well worth the temporary inconvenience.

Records were set as the first “10” was recorded in FarmGolf team history.  This score would be impossible in “singles play”, as a nine (9) is the maximum possible score.

FarmGolf PGA Photography


Another Tailgating Season at WVU Football

(FGP)   For the sixth year in a row, FarmGolf sponsored an official tailgate in the Blue Lot for Mountaineer football.  See the many attendees along with a side trip to Heinz Field.

A few of the more interesting pictures are shown below.

Darris Nichols Doesn’t Drink Beer Very Often …. But, when he does, he drinks Bud Light
Timmy, the Non-Virgin
The Queen Gets Lucky
Mazzulla, Pepper, Curry and Tiffani


Final 2010 FarmGolf Power Rankings

(FGP)   Final 2010 FarmGolf Player Rankings were released.  Brian Smith ended the season at No. 1 in the World.

The formula uses results of the four most recent tournaments with considerable weight, while also including the previous two years of golfing, along with major wins, hole-in-ones, double eagles and finally multiplied by a skill factor.

It should be noted that 4 out the 5 top FarmGolfers in the world have a perfect attendance record for the past 3 years.  The moral of story is that “you have got to play to be No. 1”.