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2009 Tournament Results for All 4 Majors … WDTV, Channel 5, Returns to FarmGolf for Hole No. 2 … Another Tailgating Season for FarmGolf at WVU Football … Final 2009 FarmGolf Power Rankings Released … First Tournament Set for 2010

2009 Tournament Results 

(FGP)  A chilly April day kept attendance down for the opening of the 2009 FarmGolf season, with the Club Pro sidelined due to health issues and Miles Runner attending as a spectator. While the weather may have affected golf scores, another non-weather issue seemed to have more effect on final results, as scores tumbled in the final round.

2009  Masters Scoreboard

Tournament Notes:  Round 1 – Minimal alcohol effect,  Round 2 – Moderate alcohol effect
Round 3 – Alcohol in control

Masters Photos

2nd Major – US FarmGolf Open

(FGP)  FarmGolf, reeling from an extended disabled list now including David Miller, returned to the original 2-man format for the second major. Newcomer Travis Poling made a grand debut with the first Hole-in-One on FarmGolf’s Hole No. 1 in the third round. Travis joined Earth’s Most Exclusive Club on this day, becoming the 6th member of the Hole-In-One Club.

2009 US FarmGolf Open Scoreboard
US FarmGolf Open Gallery

3rd Major – British FarmGolf Open 

(FGP)  Back to the 3-man format again, a very competitive tournament resulted with the winning team of Sandusky, Halfin and C. Smith going to the 3rd playoff hole for the win.

2009 British FarmGolf Open Scoreboard
*Won Playoff on 3rd Hole

British FarmGolf Open Photos

4th Major – FarmGolf PGA

(FGP)  The final tournament of 2009 saw two teams off to a fast start through the first round. After the second round, B. Smith, Wise and Fitzwater held a 2-shot lead, but it was not enough as the dazzling play of L. Smith, C. Smith and Green shot 5-under for the final round to take the win.

The play was very expert-like, as all recorded rounds were under par for the day.

Also, the photography was most excellent as shown in the below pictures.


2009 FarmGolf PGA Scoreboard

FarmGolf PGA Photography

WDTV Comes to FarmGolf Again

(FGP) Joe Brocato of WDTV in Clarksburg, West Virginia returned to FarmGolf in the summer of 2009 for the second feature story on FarmGolf. In 2008, Club Pro David Smith played Joe on Hole No. 1. This year featured new Club Pro Bill Bowers taking on Joe and another member of Channel 5 Sports, Dave DeCandis.

The exhibition was the first official duty for Bowers as Club Pro, as David Smith had been recently appointed as FarmGolf Czar by President Obama.

And, we again mention that we will never be doing business that loser station in Clarksburg, WBOY, Channel 12, who consistently refuse to believe that FarmGolf is the world’s fastest growing sport.


Another Tailgating Season for FarmGolf at WVU Football

(FGP)   For the fourth consecutive year, FarmGolf sponsored a tailgate in the Blue Lot for Mountaineer football. Always a celebrity-filled event, this year saw the extension of complimentary alcohol to freshmen female students.

Enjoying FarmGolf’s “Progressive Drinking Age”
KJ and the Commissioner Share a Laugh after a “shirtless guy” Inquires about Possibly Playing FarmGolf
Tiffani and Da’Sean
Truck doing “Community Service”


Final 2009 FarmGolf Power Rankings Released December 5, 2009

(FGP)   Final 2009 FarmGolf Player Rankings were released.  Larry Smith ended the season at No. 1 in the World.

The formula uses results of the four most recent tournaments with considerable weight, while also including the previous two years of golfing, along with major wins, hole-in-ones, double eagles and finally multiplied by a skill factor.