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Tournament Results for All 2011 Majors, WDTV Returns for Hole No. 3, Hall of Fame Inducts Third Member Posthumously, Final 2011 FarmGolf Power Rankings Released,  11th Masters Scheduled for April 8th

 2011 Tournament Results

(FGP)  Unseasonably warm weather occurred for the first major of the year, unlike several previous Masters tournaments.  Climate change is cheered by all FarmGolfers, as the potential for year round play increases over time.  Five teams entered play, with the team of Bowers, Green and Creed jumping off to a four under par first round, highlighted by an eagle on Hole No. 1.

Rookie Grayson Smith was hoping to jump on the Larry Smith bandwagon and get a major win, but it was not to be.  The first round leaders held off the charging team of Bodkins, Fitzwater and Shaffer to win by one stroke.

2011 FarmGolf Masters Scoreboard
Masters Photos

2nd Major – US FarmGolf Open

(FGP)  The second major of the season again featured five teams, with Bill Bowers winning again along with Schiefelbein and Halfin. They dominated play and coasted to a two shot win over Smith, Jones and Mitchell. The three other teams finished well back of the pack.

Rookies Dustin Jones and William Schiefelbein made their debuts and quickly learned the art of drinking while golfing that makes FarmGolf a unique sport.

The third FarmGolf beer, Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat, made its debut to go with Bud Light and Newcastle. Neil Creed had an off day for one of the greatest golfers in the world. See the below picture.

New FarmGolf U-Team shirts are now available for all U-Team members. Posing with their shirts are Heather Halfin and Tiffani Green. Randy Wilson admires the shirts in the below gallery.

2011 US FarmGolf Open Scoreboard

FarmGolf Open Gallery

WDTV Comes to FarmGolf for the Third Time

(FGP)  On July 15, 2011, Joe Brocato of WDTV returned to play Hole No. 3 in the station’s continuing coverage of FarmGolf.  Previously, Joe played Former Club Pro, David Smith, to a tie on Hole No. 1.  The following year, Bill Bowers defeated Brocato and Dave DeCandis on Hole No. 2 by a stroke.

The third installment of the Hole of the Week Challenge involved Curtis Bodkins playing the third of FarmGolf’s six holes.  Bodkins had the better drive and ended short right of the hole.  Brocato hit long left, but made a very nice second shot near the cup.  Both golfers made par and Brocato’s all-time FarmGolf record stands at no wins, one loss and two ties.

Next year, Stan Fitzwater will take on Joe at the long Par 5, Hole No. 4.  This hole should net a winner, as this is usually FarmGolf’s easiest hole.


 3rd Major – British FarmGolf Open

(FGP)  As the thrill of WDTV’s third visit to FarmGolf wore off, play was set for the 3rd major of the year and the ever delicious “Fish and Chips” menu.

The first round was played tight by all three teams, with scores consistent on all but the fourth and fifth holes.  The second round featured a three under par Hole No. 1 by the team of Bowers, Bowers and Wilson.  As, Chris Bowers became the seventh member of Earth’s Most Exclusive Club, recording the second Hole-in-One on Hole No. 1.  Two teams had five under rounds to go into the final round ranked in the top two spots.

However, the team of Green, Schiefelbein and Wise played the final round at five under, keying a come from behind win and stopping Bill Bowers quest for a third win in 2011.  The key was birding both Holes No. 2 and No. 3, while eagling Hole No. 4.

2011 British FarmGolf Open Scoreboard

Hall of Fame Inducts Third Member Posthumously

(FGP)  Another say day and another member for the FarmGolf Hall of Fame.  On July 19, 2011, Our Greens Designer and Course Construction Consultant,  David Miller, passed away.  The following week, David was voted in as the third member of the FarmGolf Hall of Fame.   David joins David Smith and Miles Runner.


4th Major – FarmGolf PGA

(FGP)  The final tournament of 2011 was played one month after the professional PGA tournament.  As FarmGolf’s brain trust was once again on an international fact finding trip to promote FarmGolf.

The highlight of the day was a rainbow coming to FarmGolf.  The team of Halfin, Green and Wilson abandoned play in the final round and returned to the Clubhouse with a very large pot of gold a few minutes before dark.  Due to darkness, they did not complete the final round and finished third.  Due to an incomplete round, no points were awarded to them for the FarmGolf Rankings.  This proved to be detrimental and allowed for other golfers to move up in the year end final rankings.

The team of Creed, Wise and Shaffer also were worried that they too should have gone on a gold hunt and finished the day with a plus three round.

Rookie Tyler Rogers won on his first trip to FarmGolf.  He is shown drinking a celebratory beer upon completion.

2011 FarmGolf PGA Scoreboard

FarmGolf PGA Photography

Final 2011 FarmGolf Power Rankings

(FGP)   Final 2011 FarmGolf Player Rankings were recently released.  A new liquor-intensive FarmGolfer is now No. 1 in the World.  This ranking is due to his ability to play every tournament, while always taking maximum time for each individual shot.

One time No. 1 FarmGolfer, Larry Smith, has seen his once dominant game nosedive to where he is now No. 7 in the world.  Last year’s No. 1, Brian Smith dropped three spots to No. 4.

Rankings will be updated after the US FarmGolf Open for the second half of the FarmGolf Season.


First Tournament Set for 2012 on Sunday, April 8th

 (FGP)   The 11th FarmGolf Masters will be played at 1:30PM on Sunday, April 8th.

3-man teams will be picked, according to their Top 25 Ranking, with each golfer paying the $10.00 greens fee.  Points for placing in this tournament will be 10 points to each winner, 8 points for each finishing second, 6 points for third place with lesser points for those finishing farther down.

A covered dish is required of all attendees.