Ladies Tournament Details
PB Football Coaches Golf Outing
Course Upgrade Nearing Completion

June 9th Ladies Tournament Details

(FGP) The first FarmGolf Ladies Tournament will be held on this coming Sunday beginning at 2PM.  Pre-tournament practice can be done anytime Sunday prior to 2PM.  Format of the tournament will be determined at 2PM and will depend upon turnout.  Golfers will be grouped by one of the following three (3) methods, depending upon experience.

1)  Each team will have one experienced golfer and either one or two inexperienced golfers.
2)  Experienced golfers will be placed into one division in singles competition and inexperienced golfers into a second division consisting of groups of from two to three golfers.
3)  An alternative mix of the above two methods after discussion with golfers showing up to play.

The goal of the tournament is to form individual players and/or teams of players into equal levels of competition.  Players may practice in the morning and begin play later in the day. It will be necessary to know who is actually going to show up and play by the 2PM deadline. There will be no men’s play this day, unless all female golfers complete play at an early hour.

The Commissioner and all male FarmGolfers want the tournament experience to be satisfactory for all players and will set the rules accordingly before the start of play.  Also, for those not wishing to experience FarmGolf’s unique rest room facility, the FarmGolf Shuttle Vehicle will be used for the first time to transport female golfers to the upper level rest rooms.

Exclusive pic of recently delivered FarmGolf Shuttle Vehicle

May 10th Features P-B Football Coaches Golf Tournament

(FGP) Friday afternoon competition was held with singles, 2-man and 3-man play. Pizza was delivered by Coach Michaels prior to the start of play. Eighteen holes of golf were played, with one round of singles, then two rounds of team play. Winners were as follows:

Singles Play – 1st Place – Bill Bowers; 2nd Place – Stan Fitzwater
2-Man Team Play – 1st Place – Bill Bowers and Tim McDaniel
3-Man Team Play – 1st Place – Mike Green, Curtis Bodkins and John Mosesso

Food and late evening entertainment was provided by Lil’ Moe’s. A demonstration of the Feminal Urinal (purple pitcher) and dancing on top of the Clubhouse bar were provided by three of the ladies in attendance.


Course Upgraded for June Tournaments

(FGP)   No. 1 and No. 5 Fairways were chemically treated in mid-May, and then reseeded to provide rye grass landing areas.  The picture above of No. 1 Fairway shows four (4) wild turkeys recently inspecting grass growth.  Additional high quality soil was brought in from Canaan Valley to level out the area prior to reseeding.

No. 1 Fairway Upgrade


Next Major Men’s Tournament is the US FarmGolf Open on June 16th

(FGP)   The next Men’s Tournament will be held on Father’s Day, starting at 2PM.  Signup is available until 5 PM.  Both singles and doubles play will occur during the afternoon.  As this day will be near the summer solstice, golf can be played until 9PM.

The featured match of the day will be No. 1 versus No. 2 in singles play.  These two FarmGolfers have never met head to head for one reason or another.  Hopefully, no illnesses like those previously affecting the Iron Man of FarmGolf, Neil Creed, will occur on that day.  This would be a major disappointment to all fans of FarmGolf.  As someone once said, “If it’s Father’s Day and a father wants to play golf, then so be it.”

Another major debut, the FarmGolf Beer Girl, will also occur on this day.  A picture of the Beer Girl will be posted on the FarmGolf HomePage prior to the tournament.

After the tournament, the Power Rankings will be revised.  There are a couple of golfers who will drop from the rankings if they do not participate.  A golfer’s power ranking is based upon many things, one of which is play over the past 9 months.  As the saying goes, you can’t be one of the Top 25 FarmGolfers in the world if you don’t play.