Scott Peterson and O. J. Simpson Go Head to Head in the 1st FarmGolf Celebrity Challenge, Sand Trap Construction Nears Completion as the New Greens Mower Arrives, U.S. FarmGolf Open is Coming on June 15th

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Peterson and Simpson Play Into Darkness at 1st Celebrity Challenge, Raising Money for FarmGolf

(FGP)  At the behest of west coast promoter Mark McCormick, California golfers Scott Peterson and O. J. Simpson met at the world famous FarmGolf course to raise money for  their favorite charity, as well as a substantial amount of money for the course hosting the event.  An admission fee of $30 per head and a forecast of possible rain did little to discourage the turnout of over 4,000 people.

Early arrivals pick their spot below the 1st tee

FarmGolf netted a full two-thirds of the proceeds taken in during the day, before golfing expenses.  Slightly over $40,000 was also raised for FindKALC, the charity originated by Peterson and Simpson.  FindKALC uses a complex networking system to scour the entire country to find potential “killers at local courses” and analyzes overall golf course data for potential killer hiding places along fairways, behind sand traps and near clubhouses.

A somewhat later than usual 3PM tee time, which was delayed for west coast closed-circuit TV feeds, got the match off to a brutal start with each golfer using the customary mulligan on Hole No. 1 to no particular advantage.  Peterson, playing first, dropped two deep into the main pond.  Simpson followed with two sharp slices in front of the Clubhouse.  Peterson, refusing to take a penalty stroke, played the next shot from inside the pond.  The players settled down by Hole No. 3, with each of them getting an easy par.  At the end of the first round of six holes, Simpson led by one stroke.  The players then adjourned into the FarmGolf Clubhouse for a couple of beers.

During the intermission, the FarmGolf Commissioner was questioned by a well-known reporter “Why would a potentially controversial event like this be scheduled for a new, progressive upcoming sport like FarmGolf?”  The Commissioner replied, “As most of you know by now, we’ll do anything to make a buck.”

After a couple of beers, the players returned to Hole No. 1 for the second round.  Simpson, teeing off first this time, was determined not to slice another one near the building, stating “I generally get it under control after slicing a couple to start . . . I think it was because my golf glove didn’t fit right during the first round.”  Simpson avoided another slice, but ended up in the left sand trap on Hole No. 1.  He had little trouble recovering for par, as shown in the below picture.

Simpson blasts out of No. 1 left Sand Trap

Peterson, improving on his first round, placed his shot about 40 feet from the pin.  He later birdied the hole, which brought the match to a tie after seven holes.  Play continued through the second round, which resulted in a tie at plus 4 for the second Clubhouse intermission.  While the members of the FarmGolf Board of Directors had a couple of beers, the golfing competitors decided to take a break and ventured deep into the woods below Hole No. 1 to look for killers that could possibly be on the loose, from local jails and prisons or other fugitives passing through the area in stolen vehicles.

The final round began after 6PM, with Peterson gaining momentum.  Except for a putt, which handcuffed him at No. 2 Green (see below picture), Peterson took a two-shot lead going into the final hole, dubbed by many FarmGolfers, as “the hole from hell”.

Peterson is handcuffed on putt at No. 2

Peterson lined his tee shot on the 18th hole into the second Walnut tree on the left, which left it short of the main pond.  Simpson then sent a towering drive to a point just 50 yards short of the green.  Peterson’s second shot was still out and it now looked as though the tournament could very well end up in “sudden death”.  Peterson chipped onto and off the No. 6 Green.  Simpson then chipped about 12 inches below the cup.  Peterson, then chipped uphill and the ball rolled back down to near it’s point of origin.  Temporarily losing it, Peterson screamed, “I’ll chop that f***in’ bitch in half!”  Simpson laughing loudly said, “Hell, I’d cut the bitch in little pieces if I were you”.  The golfing rapport that developed on this last hole seemed to have a calming effect on both Peterson and Simpson as they both sank their next shots to end tied at five (5) over par for 18 holes.

No strangers to sudden death in their past endeavors, Peterson and Simpson returned to Hole No. 1 again for the fourth visit of the day.  Excellent tee shots for both golfers ended up in two birdies on the first hole of sudden death.  Now it was on to the more difficult No. 2, with the new bunker directly in front of the green.  Once again, each golfer matched the other with an easy par.  Peterson, surprisingly was keeping pace with Simpson, who has been in many a “big game” over the years.  On the third hole of the sudden death playoff, Peterson shanked his tee shot to the right of the fairway and Simpson then placed his shot onto the green only 3 feet from the cup.  Unlike on the 18th hole, Peterson approached his second shot calmly and chipped onto the green.  He then sank a 6-foot putt for par.  Now it was up to Simpson to finish off the 3-foot putt and win the match.

It was at this point, that the match took a strange twist.  Simpson looked up, gazed around in every direction at the large crowd and tapped the ball to the right side away from the cup.  The crowd went wild.  O. J. then shouted out, “I can’t do it, I just can’t do it.”  With that statement, the Board of Directors agreed to call the match a draw and adjourned to the clubhouse for some late night partying.

Scott and O. J. later tear it up on the dance floor with a couple of unidentified women at the Clubhouse.  It was, all in all, a rousing successful fund-raiser for FarmGolf and we wish those guys the best in finding “killers at local courses” in the future.

Shaking It on the Clubhouse Dance Floor


Sand Trap Construction Nears Completion

(FGP)   All three sand traps have been excavated and were nearly completed prior to the 1st FarmGolf Celebrity Golf Challenge.  Completion with reseeding should be in top shape by the U. S. FarmGolf Open on Sunday, June 15th.

There will be no additional clubs allowed for sand trap play.  An adjustment should be made to the wedge or similar club that you normally use.  The addition of sand traps will affect singles play much more than team tournament play.

Pond construction has been delayed due to the rainy weather.  It is not known if additional water hazards will be in place by the next tournament.


New Greens Mower Delivered on May 14th

(FGP)    A new greens mower with a 62-inch cut was placed in service on May 14th.  The Jacobsen riding greens mower is cutting greens to a much lower cut than the previous greens mower.

Hole No. 6 has increased significantly in difficulty and this will be in evidence at the next tournament.  Mowing time has been reduced by 70% with the new mower.  A picture of the new mower.

Jacobsen Greens Mower Delivered on May 14, 2003