Young Ladies Camp is a Huge Success
British FarmGolf Open and FarmGolf PGA Results
FarmGolf Begins Beauty Product Manufacturing 

August 8th and 9th Golfing Camp for Young Ladies Held

(FGP)  The 2nd Annual FarmGolf Golfing Camp for Young Ladies was recently conducted with a full slate of events.  The first day’s activities included individual instruction for each camper.  All officers and employees of FarmGolf participated at one time or another over the two-day event.  The Club Pro and Assistant Club Pro were quite busy as they concentrated on close instruction in a one-on-one basis with each camper.  Entertainment was provided the first evening by the Commissioner and Club Pro, with assistance from the Greens Designer.  “Trick shots” was the theme for this year’s opening party.  (See pictures below) 

Commissioner Entertains Attendees with Wedge Juggling
Club Pro Demonstrates Trick Tee Shot

Several guests stopped by for a brief appearance to either assist in camp activities or to take in the evening’s entertainment.  The Clubhouse did not shut down until 4AM early Friday morning..

Day Two concentrated on the proper FarmGolf form and technique, pacing one’s drinking pattern to last the entire day and more social activities in the late afternoon, including sunning on the FarmGolf upstairs “party platform”.  (See picture below)

(left to right – Kristy, Britney, Natalie, Anna and Sarah Michelle)

Britney Spears conducted her first live FarmGolf Interview late Friday.  A copy of interview highlights can be downloaded from the FarmGolf HomePage.  She stated off-record “that she was damn tired of people doubting her presence at the FarmGolf course and that she was going to take a few months off so she could enjoy even more golfing at this fine facility.”

Plans are already underway to make next year’s camp even better.  As word travels over the web, it is sure to attract even more top name celebrities in the future.


August 18th FarmGolf PGA Tournament Summary

(FGP)   Three-man teams squared off in the main event with 18 holes played.  After two rounds, it was the eventual winners, Brian Smith, Scott Sublett and David Miller, leading by one stroke.  A strong second round by David Smith, Mike Green and Rob Mitchell put them back in contention in 2nd place, after a shaky first six holes.   Tournament records were set for both 18-holes and 6-hole rounds.

Final results were as follows:  FarmGolf PGA 3-Man Team Play  1st Place – Brian Smith, Scott Sublett and David Miller – 11 under   2nd Place – David Smith, Mike Green and Rob Mitchell – 9 under

The Singles Tournament was canceled on the second hole due to a heavy downpour.  The social entertainment concluded at approximately midnight.


Heatherly-Creed Win British FarmGolf Open on July 21st

(FGP)   It was a glorious day for Neil “The Doc” Creed, as he was victorious in his first major championship with playing partner, Evan Heatherly.  Creed, who has fought illness through a major portion of his FarmGolf career, was overcome with joy as the final hole was played.  He stated “I’d like to dedicate this win to my . . . . . . , uh, ‘er . . . . . never mind!”

Heatherly said after the tournament that it made him feel really good to have provided the lift needed for Creed to finally win the big one.  We, at FarmGolf, echo this sentiment as there is no FarmGolfer who has overcome so much adversity to play golf, as the one and only Doctor.  With his illness in remission for several months now, it is expected that he will become a regular performer on the tour.

British FarmGolf Open Final Results     1st Place – Evan Heatherly and Neil Creed,        2nd Place – Bill Bowers and Mike Green,   3rd Place – Jeff Paugh, Josh Halfin and Dan Papez,  4th Place Tie – Bill Hevener and Ron Pickering,   G. Sparks, Lynn Phillips and David Miller


Fall Events Planned

 North Central WV Ladies Golf on September 8th 
Fall Tournament for both Men and Women Coming in October

(FGP)   FarmGolf, in attempting to draw even more women into the sport, will sponsor an exhibition match for ladies on Sunday, September 8th.  A group of ladies from the Marion County area will be the main participants.  Also, a new player to FarmGolf is traveling from South Carolina for this exhibition.


FarmGolf HomePage Being Upgraded

(FGP)   The HomePage of FarmGolf is undergoing upgrading.  This is to allow for faster loading of the main page.  Java applets are being eliminated, with only the FarmGolf Ticker presently being a java applet.  Flash buttons have been added at the top of the page and for certain page links.  The Gaseous Video button has a new sound to enhance the downloading experience.

FarmGolf Now Distributing Beauty Products

(FGP)   In an effort to expand into the lucrative world of cosmetics, FarmGolf has begun mass producing two new products, FarmGolfer Body Lotion and FarmGolf Lip Gloss.  Our Director of Advertising is endorsing our products and has personally given a high recommendation to both of these items.  As mentioned in the extensive FarmGolf Interview, all of her friends use this unique product.

The FarmGolfer Body Lotion is comprised of several unique fluids, available only in the vicinity of the FarmGolf course.  It is presently available in pints and quarts, with special dispensing pump handle.  Future plans include the distribution of this product in 55-gallon drums.

FarmGolfer Body Lotion

The FarmGolf Lip Gloss is a unique moisturizer that stays on the lips for an extended period of time.  It comes in various flavors.